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Pregnancy Nourishment Plan (6 Months)

We recommend initiating the subscription with 12 blooms per month, starting from the second trimester for a 6 month term, Offering a continuous supply throughout the critical part of your pregnancy. This personalized plan is tailored to provide optimal nourishment during this crucial phase, supporting the health and well-being of both mother and baby. An absolute necessity when preparing for caesarian section births.

Product Introduction
Crafted to perfection, our Nourishing & Recovery Bloom harnesses the rejuvenating power of Hua Jiao (Fish Maw), renowned for its beauty and regenerative benefits. At the heart of our formula lies high-grade fish maw collagen, complemented by carefully selected ingredients like Oat Milk, Fennel Seeds, Red Dates, and Rock Sugar. Each bloom offers a symphony of nutrients, vitamins, and a touch of natural sweetness, providing a holistic approach to wellness.

Traditionally, premium collagen in Hua Jiao (Fish Maw) has been revered for its healing properties, particularly aiding in the recovery process, especially for caesarean section births. Its regenerative properties support the healing of wounds and promote recovery within the body, including the womb.

Our Nourishing & Recovery Bloom is a groundbreaking innovation, being the first in the world to combine all traditional ingredients used in pregnancy recovery and lactation promotion into one amazing, simple format. Now, you can enjoy nourishment anytime, without any fuss, thanks to our convenient and effective blend.

Preparation Instructions
Prepare a warm, silky collagen shake in just 5 minutes and embark on a journey of nourishment and recovery. Simply place the Nourishing & Recovery Bloom in your ritual bowl, pour hot water over it, and allow the fragrant aroma to envelop you. Steep the bloom for 5 minutes, savoring the delicate nuances of flavor with each sip.

Made with Natural Ingredients:

  • Premium Hua Jiao (Fish Maw) Collagen (South Africa)
  • Oat Milk (Australia)
  • Fennel Seeds (China)
  • Red Dates (China)
  • Natural Rock Sugar (Singapore)

Enhanced Nutrition: Our blend offers essential nutrients for overall well-being.
Lactation Support: Ideal for supporting lactation during and after pregnancy.
Energy Restoration: Restore vitality and support physical health.
Digestive Wellness: Benefit from the digestive properties of our carefully selected ingredients.
Holistic Well-being: Enjoy a touch of natural sweetness while enhancing overall health and vitality.

Explore our Nourishing & Recovery Bloom Pregnancy Brochure by clicking here 

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