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Rose Almond Bloom

Experience the delicate essence of our Rose Bloom, infused with the timeless allure of Damascus roses. Designed to provide a luxurious experience, our antioxidant-rich bloom offers a perfect retreat after a busy day.

Product Introduction
Crafted with care, our Rose Bloom combines the finest ingredients to create a truly exquisite treat. Each bloom is meticulously prepared with bird's nest, rock sugar, Chinese almond, and natural Damascus rose extract, promising a blend of flavors that captivates the palate with every sip. Individually packaged for freshness and convenience, our blooms are ready to be enjoyed at your leisure.

Preparation Instructions
Prepare your Rose Bloom effortlessly in just 5 minutes. Begin by placing the Rose Bloom in your cherished ritual bowl and pour hot water over it. As the luxurious fragrance of roses fills the air, take a moment to immerse yourself in 5 minutes of mindfulness. After this brief pause, your Rose Bloom will be primed for enjoyment.
For a softer and more succulent bird’s nest texture, allow an additional 5
minutes for perfection to unfold

Made with natural ingredients:

  • Premium Bird’s Nest (Indonesia)
  • Pure Southern Almond (China)
  • Natural Rock Sugar (Singapore)
  • Damascus Rose Extract (Bulgaria)


  • Respiratory Health: Chinese almonds in our blend aid respiratory health by moisturizing the lungs and easing coughs.
  • Digestive Support: Our ingredients offer relief from constipation, promoting digestive wellness.
  • Immune Boost: Bird's nest enhances the body's immune system, bolstering defenses against illness.
  • Energy and Metabolism: Enjoy improved energy levels and support for a healthy metabolism.
  • Antioxidant Protection: Benefit from the antioxidant properties of bird's nest, combating cell damage.
  • Skin Nourishment: Rose extract provides antioxidant protection, soothing hydration, and potential anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects for skin health.
  • Emotional Well-being: The mood-enhancing aroma of roses promotes relaxation and stress reduction, potentially aiding in sleep promotion.



The recipe to beauty should be regular, accessible and convenient. Your Bloom is ready for you in just 4 easy steps.